Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers! Browse our list of frequently asked questions below. Click on your question to see our answer. If your questions is not listed, feel free to contact us for help.

No, ScripHub is not a pharmacy. We do not dispense medications. ScripHub is a company that leverages technology, pharmacy partners and group purchasing power to offer lower priced prescriptions to the public. Users can purchase their prescription medications at and then visit their local pharmacy to pick up their medication.
Although you can't use ScripHub in combination with your insurance, often times ScripHub pricing is lower than insurance co-pays. Use the pricing tool to compare ScripHub's pricing with that of your co-pay and see if ScripHub can save more money.
No, ScripHub is not a discount card. That means that ScripHub will always be accepted, and you will pay only the price that is stated on line.
ScripHub has partnered with over 65,000 pharmacies across the united States. If your pharmacy is not a current partner, please contact us to request that we add them to our partner list.
No, we do not offer a mail order option. Visit your local pharmacy to pick up your medication you have purchased online and save money.
Absolutely! You may print your receipt, or use a tablet, phone, or any device with a web browser to show your pharmacist. We send your information directly to your phone as a text message if you chose.
Through our partnerships with pharmacies, manufacturers and technology, we are able to bring you discounted pricing often saving more than fixed pricing or insurance co-pays. We then pass the savings on to you.
Rarely there may be a medication that we do not have in our list for discounted pricing. If you find this occurs with your medication, please click here to let us know we should add the medication to our list.
We utilize the latest technology to insure your information is secure. All transactions take place via an encrypted SSL connection, and our standards for all health and banking information meets or exceeds HIPAA and banking standards. We take this aspect of our business extremely seriously.
We do not, nor will we ever share ANY of your information with any other parties. Your information is yours, and we respect that. We only ask for information that we absolutely need to process the transaction.
Please contact customer service if this occurs. We can resend your receipt to your smart phone or email, after a simple verification process.
Anyone with a valid prescription from an accredited, licensed clinician can use the program. All you need is a tablet, phone, or any device with a web browser to use ScripHub. We can send your receipt directly to your phone as a text message.
After we receive payment, you will receive a receipt. You can print the receipt, or have us send the receipt to your smart phone. All you need to do is show your pharmacist the receipt and prescription.
Yes our pricing is guaranteed 100%. You will get the prescription you paid for, with the proper dosage, quantity and size (assuming this matches your prescription).

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